Sunday, March 30, 2014


UCONN +5.5  2 stars

Kentucky -2  3 stars

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

HEDGIE was 11-7 Stars Thursday and 18-8 Stars Friday..... Back after is SUNDAY

Hedgie is going with his SCOTTRADE THEME.....after 3-0 UNDER PLAYS Thursday The Hedgie will keep riding the the Under at the SCOTTRADE CENTER which is known for it's tight rims and tough sight lines....Vegas doesn't seem to have adjusted for the next round   so :



later picks released today..

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Hedgie FRIDAY MADNESS.....

Warren Buffett Is supporting the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge. If someone picks every game of the tournament correct they will win ONE BILLION DOLLARS 
According to the official rules the exact odds of a PERFECT BRACKET are 1 in 9.2 QUINTRILLION

Obviously 'The Oracle of Omaha' has no idea who The Hedgie let's start with Thursday's picks:

N Dakota St +3.5   1 star   
Uconn -5  2 stars 
American/Wisconsin OVER 121 2 stars
Delaware +14.5  2 stars
Western Michigan +13  3 stars
Oregon -5  4 stars
Pitt -6  4 stars
Mercer +13   1 star
UMASS +5.5  2 stars
Kentucky -6.5   3 stars
VCU -6.5  2 stars
Iowa St -8  3 stars
UCLA -9  2 stars
Okl St  -3   4 stars
BAYLOR  -3.5   3 stars
This venue in St Louis has a reputation for low scoring games  due to it's sightlines and tight rims....teams that havent played here tend to have lower scoring averages....Wich St  has played here    so the hedgie is going with 3 UNDERS:
Kentucky  UNDER 133
Kansas  UNDER 151.5
New Mexico UNDER 137
ALL 2 stars

LATE ADDITION:  UNC - 4.5   2 stars

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl

Seattle +2.5   3 stars

Teaser :  Seattle +8.5  and UNDER  54   1 star

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Conference Championships

Hedgie Sees points in this game and although vegas set a high line Denver's Offensive weapons are all healthy and create major matchup issues.  With both defenses ailing this game should fly OVER the total.  The Patriots may have a strong running game but will be forced to throw if behind and wil most likely utilize it's no huddle offense to combat the away crowd

Hedgie likes:  OVER 56.5  3 stars

Teaser:Denver +1.5 & Over 50 1 star

1st TD : Julius Thomas  8/1

Hedgie thinks Russ Wilson will once again prove slippery and play a good game.  Doug Baldwin is a matchup problem for the Niners with Carlos Rogers most likely trying to cover him as a nickel back coming off a hamstring problem.  Most think this game will be low scoring and Vegas has set it at 39.  But Hedgie expects a couple new wrinkles and  1-2 explosive plays  :

6.5 Point Teaser (-120)  :  SEATTLE +3.5 & OVER 32.5  2 stars

1st TD: Doug Baldwin  15/1