Sunday, January 18, 2015


This game has a lot to do with Roger's calf.  But the Hedgie went back and watched week 1 game and a lot has changed in 134 days.   Not only have players changed and injuries occurred the last score  packers 16 Seahawks 36  was a bit lopsided because packers Lineman BULAGA  went down.  he was replaced by Derek Sherrod  who let a couple big sacks occur which arguably change the entire game.

   The Seahawks have parted ways with Percy Harvin who got a lot of action week 1  and has an injury toPaul Richardson who tore his ACL last week vs Carolina.  

When this game was played week 1 The Seahawks were favored at home by  4.5  points.  Now the line opened at 7 and has been climbing to 8.5  as of this post .

 The Hedgie knows for the Packers to WIN outright they will have to play a fantastic game. But in the world of gambling The Hedgie loves searching for hidden value and getting over a touchdown in this spot feels like the right play. 

  Let's take a trip down Hedgie Memory Lane....last year the Seahawks hosted the Saints in this same game.  In week 13  they had blasted them at home  34-7  as 6.5 points favorites.  Just a few weeks later the Saints returned to the Championship game as  9.5  and/or 10 point dogs.  They put up a great fight and lost  23-15  .  (A HEDGIE COVER)

Look for more the same today.  The Packers will get some run game going with Lacy and Starks and Rogers will make a few really good throws  perhaps one to Jordy Nelson deep vs Maxwell.  

PACKERS  +8.5  3 stars

Last week starting Center Brian Stork went down vs the Ravens.   Considering how it took the Patriots all season to solidify their line after the sudden trade-off Logan Mankins in the preseason , The Hedgie this is something that is being overlooked by the bettors.   A lot of attention is being given to the Patriots last meeting with the colts where the ran all over them and also the media is more focused on more sensational stories as the Colts LB not making the trip for accused rape or Trent Richardson not making the trip as well. But the best player not being talked about who is out is STORK.  Vegas gives us some nice value here. Belechik likes to take away the opponents best Wr  which might happen with Revis and TY Hilton but Luck is playing great football and last week found 8 different receivers vs the Broncos.  

COLTS +7    4 Stars

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ncaa championship

Ohio state / oregon OVER 73 2 stars

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Packers -5.5     3 stars

Packers/Cowboys OVER 51.5  2 stars

Broncos -7   3 stars

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hedgie Playoff Saturday

RAVENS +7     3 stars

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Colts/Bengals  UNDER 48.5  2 stars

Cowboys -6  2 stars

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hedgie Saturday

East Carolina +7 - 1 star

Cards/Panthers UNDER 38 1 star

Ravens +3 3 stars