Sunday, November 29, 2015


It's currently raining at Fed Ex Field but the Tarp is on and the rain will pass.  The Giants have gone 7-3  OVER and average over 52 points per game.  The Skins are dealing with injuries in the secondary and Kirk Cousins plays better at home.

Redskins/Giants OVER 47    4 stars

Texans/Saints  OVER 48   2 stars 
 (this line has crept up today so if seeing 50  just make that 1 star)

Broncos/Pats  UNDER 43  2 stars  

Chargers +5.5  1 star

Teaser: Bengals -2.5 & UNDER 49 1 star

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hedgie Saturday

12 noon:    Ohio St  +1    2 stars

12 noon:  South Carolina + 20.5  2 stars

12 noon:  Va/ Va Tech  UNDER 49.5  1 star

3:30pm  Bama  -14   2 stars

8pm :  Oklahoma -7   2 stars

Friday, November 27, 2015

Hedgie Friday

The Hedgie likes Mike Reilly and the Cornhuskers  coming off a bye at home. If they beat Iowa they become bowl eligible…..  When hedge asked Reilly how many stars he should bet  he said 'TWO'

NEBRASKA + 2.5   2 stars
(can maybe get +3 by kickoff)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

It's the 3rd annual anniversary of the infamous  BUTT FUMBLE by Mark Sanchez and fate would have it that Sanchez is getting the start today for the Eagles.  Most of the public is on the Lions who have won two straight. And while the Eagles have lost two straight the Hedgie thinks there's some nice value on the line today.  Both team's offenses are struggling. The Lions average approx 18 points per game and have the leagues worst rushing offense. While the Eagles and Sanchez are coming off an embarrassing loss last week The Hedgie still sees the Eagles as the better team and expects max effort from the Eags  who are still alive in the NFC East.  Sanchez should perform bettering his 2nd straight start.

EAGLES +2.5    3 stars  (closer to kickoff may get +3)

For Halloween Luke Kuechkly did his best Cam Newton impression.  To many this line looks a bit 'Spooky'.  The Cowboys are 3-7 and back home with Romo under center. With Romo they are 3-0 and  many backers on getting on that bandwagon.  However,  Romo is not their entire team. The Pathers are having a magical season and are clearly the better team all around. Cam Newton has been mentioned as a potential MVP candidate as well.  The Cowboys are a favorite surprise pick today but The Hedgie won't' fall into that trap.  Today capturing a great line and two teams that like to win by running the ball  the Hedgie will make a TURKEY TEASER:

Panthers +7.6  ond UNDER 52.5    2 stars

Tonights game between the Packers and Bears should be an UGLY one.  There's 100% chance of rain and by the 3rd and 4th quarter with temps in the 30s the rain could turn to sleet. The opening total has dropped from 48 to 44.5  which is the right move and the Bears will be without Bennett and Eddie Royal.  Packers Eddie Lacy is back and was productive last week. This game smells like a PACKERS/UNDER TEASER.

Pack -2.5  and UNDER 50.5  2 stars

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hedgie Sunday

Redskins/Panthers  OVER 44    3 stars

Cowboys -2.5   2 stars

Eagles  -6.5   2 stars

Chiefs/Chargers  OVER 45  3 stars

Seahawks/Niners  UNDER 40.5  1 star

Teaser:  Lions +7.5  &  Over 42.5    1 star

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hedgie Saturday

A lot of emotions on the table today with last home games, coaches winding down careers  etc…..

Va Tech Hokies +4.5   3 stars

Penn State +3.5    3 stars

more coming by 3pm……stay tuned….

LSU +7   3 stars