Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

Much like last post  Hedgie is going to ride the hot hand of Kapernick and the 49ers Offense.  You can prepare for the Pistol offense all you want but if it's run effectively it's extremely difficult to stop. Back on DEC 9th   The Redskins ran the pistol vs the Ravens and won  31-28  in a game where the Redskins were -2 favorites with an Over under of  48.  The Redskins won  31-28.  This is a much different game obviously but the flow should be similar . Kapernick is playing at a high level and Hedgie doesn't think the big stage will bother him.   If the Ravens key on Kap then Gore will have a huge day behind a great O-LINE.   
 Bottom line is that the 49ers are younger and have superior Offense and Defense. Perhaps the Ravens have an edge at Kicker with Justin Tucker but this game will boil down to the 49ers and the touchdowns they score.  

 Much like the 49ers/Falcons game the Hedgie prefers :

 49ers MONEYLINE  -180    3 stars  (the fair value here is  the -160 to -180 range) 

Some Super Bowl Props the Hedgie likes as well:

Ray Rice    OVER 3.5 receptions  (

Ray Rice OVER 27.5  Receiving Yards (

Randy Moss  UNDER 38.5  Receiving yards (

FIRST TD :  Frank Gore  8/1 (

Good Luck !